Proofreading Services

Websites/Online content

You’ve probably already invested substantial resources in ensuring your content reaches your targeted audience. Working against tight deadlines, it’s easy for small mistakes to slip through. If copy has already been uploaded, then it can be copied and pasted into a Word document for me to check.

Academic assignments

I also provide a proofreading service to students, from reports to dissertations, to PhD theses. Some students have difficulties with grammar and punctuation, or suffer from dyslexia, and non-native English speakers struggle with studying for a degree in a foreign language. I correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and alter sentence structure where necessary. I check references match the correct style (e.g. Harvard) and highlight any inconsistencies.

Print publishing

I proofread a wide variety of publications before they go to print such as brochures, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, manuals, annual reports, self-help directories, POS artwork, and packaging.


If there is anything you need proofreading that I haven’t mentioned above, then please get in touch. I charge per number of words, or for time spent on the job, depending on the nature and complexity of the work. I often ask to see a sample of the work before working out a price.


My background in print and design means that I can give a thorough quality check to artwork before it goes to print. I examine consistency of elements such as logo size, typography, layout, and in the case of packaging, the precise positioning of key items such as barcodes, symbols, safety warnings, recycling information, and expiry dates.

File formats

Artwork proofs are usually sent to me as PDFs which I annotate in Adobe Reader. Documents provided in Microsoft Word are marked up using the ‘Track Changes’ facility.